Project Bookshelf

Project Bookshelf: The events depicted in this story are fictional. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

(Moe) Team, let’s get these books off the floor by putting up a bookshelf on that nice sturdy wall over there.
(Kirk & Guy) Sounds great!

(Kirk) We found a bookshelf that should fit. It needs to be assembled with screws though.
(Moe) We have a screw driver.
(Kirk) Oh, it also needs to be mounted to the wall, so we have to drill some holes in the wall.
(Moe) Well, let’s use the Microvendor tool we have then, it’ll drill the holes then just change the bit and it’ll be a screw driver too.
(Kirk) Nice! That’ll work.
(Moe) Bunch of toilets clogged, tell you what, I’ll handle the toilets so you guys can focus on the bookshelf.
(Kirk & Guy) Ok!

Later …
(Moe) Hey how’s it looking … bookshelf up yet? Apparently not.
(Guy) Well, the Microvendor is okay, but I’m used to working with VMvendor drills and VMvendor just seems like a better tool.
(Moe) So?
(Kirk) So the VMvendor sales guy is coming in to show us their tools.
(Moe) ok, fine. We have a leaky roof, call me down when the sales guy is here.

(Kirk & Guy) Sales guy is here!
(sales guy) These VMvendor batteries last longer, and just look at all the VMvendor tools available. Microvendor sucks.
(Moe) Interesting, let’s compare
… test test test
(Moe) Well, seems like the batteries last about the same. And Microvendor has all the same tool selections.
(Kirk & Guy) We really, really just like the VMvendor tools better. Made in the USA, not China. USA! USA! USA!
(Moe) ok, well, how much are the VMvendor tools?
(sales guy) $160,000 the first year and $50,000 yearly maintenance … for the drill. But the other tools can be bundled in at …
(Moe) Stop right there buddy. The Microvendor tools that we already have should be just fine.
(Guy) No VMvendor? Moe, you’re so biased! Everyone uses VMvendor! How could you not choose VMvendor!?! … I quit! (Guy leaves)
(Moe) Uh, what the ..? Well, anyway, let’s get back to this bookshelf… using our Microvendor tools ok?
(Kirk) Yep, fine … although stupid Microvendor caused Guy to leave … open your mind Moe
(Moe) ok, then… Oops, got a call about a zombie rodent infestation. I’ll take care of it, so you can focus on the project

Later …
(Moe) Hey how’s it going? … Still no bookshelf? What happened now?
(Kirk) Well, Microvendor makes this caddy to charge up to 8 batteries at a time. So I had to wall mount it.
(Moe) I see. And what is this tool bench here for?
(Kirk) Well, we may have to trim a shelf one day, so the Microvendor table saw might be useful and needs to be mounted on something solid. So I setup the tool bench.
(Moe) Table saw? … uh, ok Kirk, let’s talk when I get back. I have to go, killer clowns are terrorizing the reception area. Should be able to get the bookshelf up quickly now, right!?
(Kirk) Absolutely!

Later …
(Moe) Damn, what’s up? The books are still all over the floor.
(Kirk) Well, we had an issue. When the table saw runs at the same time that 8 batteries are charging, the circuit breaker pops.
(Moe) Listen Kirk, maybe we should just use the simple Microvendor drill and just get the bookshelf up. Then worry about the tool bench later …
(Kirk) What!? I work to get all these advanced tools in place and you want me to go backwards now? You just don’t like that I’m ahead of you!
(Moe) wow ok. so, what do you suggest?
(Kirk) Let me just get this one issue worked out. I’ll call the electrician.
(Moe) Fine, call.

Later …
(Kirk) Electrician says we need to upgrade the circuit.
(Moe) How long is that going to take?
(Kirk) Not long, we should be ready soon.

Later …
(Moe) Hey, while you were coordinating with the electrician. I got the bookshelf put together and ..
(Kirk) How dare you! Are you competing with me or something?!
(Moe) Relax Kirk, I just want to get the books off the floor
(Kirk) Well, with my setup we’d be able to put up bookshelves way faster than YOU could manually.
(Moe) It took 12 minutes using the Microvendor drill
(Kirk) MY tool bench setup will make it take only 8 minutes, ha!
(Moe) Look, I’m going to start moving the books if you want to help …
(Kirk) Whatever! The electrician is here to change the circuit

Later …
(Moe) I’m almost done with moving the books to the bookshelf… umm, how come the electrician is still here?
(Kirk) Well, I want to make sure that the tool bench is always available. So the electrician is now helping me add a backup generator. This tool bench is a shining example of how we should work all projects!
(Moe) *sigh* but the project was the bookshelf

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